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Favourite CKR roles in no particular order - Duck in Wilby Wonderful

When I (very belatedly) discovered the dS fandom, two films kept cropping up as must see, HCL and this. There’s many reasons for that; it’s such a beautiful little film, sad, farcical, moving, true, funny and hopeful. Duck may be only one character in an ensemble piece but he’s the heart and soul of the film, in a zen but cool way. 

Plus, fantastic cast, and (Slings & Arrows excepted) Paul Gross’ finest non-dS hour. (I admit, the scene with Duck and Buddy in the car made me weep all the “oh, god, there will never be any more dS” weeping.)

And, yeah, Cal in a) sleeveless shirt and then b) that cowboy shirt…….

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